Lilly (lillyann123) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Two grails, help me?

So, I collect and make pokemon plush (only plush, I'm not really interested in other merchandise.) I was gonna ask about this one (well two) plushes I wanted for a LOOONG time. It's the Jumbo Dialga and Palkia plush. Around 25 inches I think, I don't know the official name, sorry! But here's a video I found of them if it'll help.


So does anyone know where to find them cheap? (I know it's a long shot considering they are rare, but why not?) I know there's the dialga one on ebay for around 300 usd, but anything cheaper? Do any of you in the community have one you'd like to sell? Also I would like to know the "official" name if any of you guys know...?

I thikn these pictures should help

I think these are the right picture, but jakks pacific one's looks similar. (I have those, but I want Takara Tomy's one, they are SO much bigger.)

On the side note, I decided on three plushes I want to make after mega absol, but I'm having a hard time picking. (well I'm doing pokemon center jumbo tyranitar, but I mean after that. I wanna use up the holiday I have if I find cloth there!) So I hope to have you guys help me by voting for one. (Why not? It'll help me decide) But If I decide on a project before that I may call off the vote, sorry if that happens!


life size mega Diance (I really wanna make her, but she'll be REALLY costly to make so *if* this one wins, I'll have to ask someone to commit to buy her through DA, so there a high chance if this gets picked I might not do it. Just warning you guys.)

Life size shelgon

remake of latios jumbo pokemon center

Don't forget to vote and help me on my search for a grail of mine! 
Tags: dialga, diancie, latios, palkia, plush, shelgon
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