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Sales and collection update?

Hey community! I don't really post except for sales (which is stink and I'm sorry for that) but I am going on a solo (kinda) trip to the other side of the country next week, and extra funds are good so I've come to a decision that I love Sceptile, but I can't really collect his butt anymore. (I bought most of it together anywho) ;u; I'm selling the lot of them for $20~ and go to my sales to see if anything else catches your fancy if you like (My Taillow and Arceus collections are there along with other doo-dads so take a look! c: )

Homerun Sales New baseballs colored

Also, cause I wanna stop being a dinglaling, a little bit of an update and full collection pics under la cut ouo

Going to show this snake babe, cause he's one of my top babes

First off, Rayquaza Thinkchip+ figure! Gorgeous and perfect, they always feature dynamic poses and sweet paint jobs~ His arms are pretty goof though, all stretched out (they're more like nubs not arms) Get that cookie Rayquaza

Next is the Rayquaza Tomy battle coaster! Choo choo I've put off getting til I got a good deal, but here he is in all his thrilling glory! It's so thrilling that it actually slowly struggled to get up the one ramp, my heart was pounding let me tell ya

Oh hECK, I am pumped I could get these. c: and they're gold, which means win, which means Rayquaza wins. Logic. One of them is hanging out on my travel bag~

Finally, a non-Rayquaza get wut. This funky Pelipper eating Pikachu keychain (Pelipper must be one scary guy cause gosh dang) That fat tag though is a butt

Now full collection woah pics fasten those seatbelts kids

My big metal dinos <3 They haven't had much added to them recently, but with mega aggron coming in to play ball I'm hoping for some plush -u- If there isn't a plush made then the world is upside down. Cause I flipped it. Like a table.

and flying snakes~ (he needs a primal form too weh) This pic is outdated though ;u; I've started storing most of my flats so the wall isn't covered much anymore. (It's been a monsoon here so I haven't been able to get any good pics
Hope I can do a bigger update some other time, but uNTIL THEN <3 Thanks for reading this dumb post of mine guys
Tags: aggron, pelipper, rayquaza, sales, sceptile
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