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Collection Update, with a Meme! Also, Question on Cyndaquil Canvas

Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to do a little collection update with a collection room meme! This is loosely based off of DeviantArt's room meme, but re-written to be appropriate for collections rather than specifically bedrooms.

1. Before we get started on your room, how about your bag! Do you have any Pokemon merchandise that you carry around all the time, or accessories on a purse/backpack/etc?

I switch between these two purses frequently, and I don't really carry anything Pokemon-themed besides the video games. I'm hoping to have Pokemon keychains and pins on my backpack once school starts again, though!

2. Where is your collection displayed? Bedroom, living room, special collection room...?

Bedroom! See, there's my bed. XD

3. What do you collect? Show us some of your displays!

Here's the Pikachu wall, just above my bed. This is going to be re-organized once I paint the shelves.

Here is the infamous Pokedoll cabinet- but it's just about out of room, and I'm starting to put pokedolls in the red shelves shown in the previous photo. I accidentally cut out the PCNY clock and didn't realize until after uploading this photo ;.;

Figures and etc. I am currently in the process of repainting my room into that yellow/purple/blue color scheme that's really apparent in this photo. I feel like my room is much more "playful" and feels more open compared to the reds I used to have.

4. Have a favorite corner of your room?

Besides sitting on my bed all the time, I love this wall of my room right now because of the colors I painted it. XDD My room is too small for anything more interesting.

5. Show off some of your favorite collection pieces!

Pokedolls of course- I meant to just get Houndour, but the lighting is so dim in my room that this was as close as I could focus!

My Dittochu and laying Pikachu from the Rainbow Promo are two of my favorite items in my Pikachu collection. Their minky is just unbelievably soft and they're just nice quality and a great size. <33

That's all I ended up doing for the meme. XP Feel free to fill this out yourself in a comment! I love to look at people's collections :D

Also, I had a question about the Cyndaquil canvas in the last photo: I'm trying to figure out if it's legitimate or not, and would love if someone had photos of a 2009 Cyndaquil canvas I could compare it to. The tush tag matches my Jolteon canvas, and so far everything looks like good quality so I think it checks out, but I would love some photos to match it up to.

Thank you everyone! <3
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