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Small Sales

Hiya! Hope you're all doing well~ ;7; Bringing some very small sales today with shipping/fees already included for USA. I know I usually ship internationally, sorry! But this time I really need this stuff out ASAP >.< Any items placed from my last sales should have already been shipped out!

I was granted sales permission on 6/10/2014 by Allinia~
Feedback can be found here.

- I ship from CA, USA
- I ship every few days
- Bubble mailer is my default shipper
- I only accept Paypal

There's no need for a quote this time since what you see here is the grand total :)

photo 5
Pokemon Shirts (Pikachu is a womens M and the Unova one is a mens XL) - $9.50 SHIPPED for both shirts combined
photo 1 (1)
Entire Lot (Victini Sticker Books [lightly used] / Ink Pad + Unused Stamp / Snivy 'Great Ball' keychain (It shows a photo of snivy) / Misc. Toys / Eevee Strap / Some pokemon cards - $6 SHIPPED
photo 3
USED Fennekin Bag (otherwise in very good condition) - $25 23 SHIPPED
photo 4
Talking Eevee Figure MIP (Batteries included) - $18.84 SHIPPED
Tokyo Eevee Phone Plug MIP - $10.60 SHIPPED
Minccino Pokedoll Stamp - 5.45 SHIPPED
Tags: eevee, fennekin, minccino, pikachu
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