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Japan Treasure Box Discounted (Last Chance) Sales! (and a few others)

Hi everyone! This week I've discounted the remaining items from my Japan Treasure Box flat sales and they are priced to go. There are lots of nice flats for cheap, and a few other things I've added - thsi is your last chance to purchase anything from here as they will be listed up elsewhere after this. Most items are 50% off or less, come have a look!

Just a rundown of some quick rules and info before we get started!
By commenting on this post, I will assume that they have been read and understood. :)

I am shipping from Canada! Flats start at $2.50 to the US and $3.50 anywhere else. Shipping within Canada starts at $2.

Most of these flats are in great shape, but some of them have minor wear - if you are picky, please double check with me.

Holds are no problem. as long as you are committed and will pay on the agreed date!

Please don't back out of a sale - be aware of the difference between a commitment and a quote; commitments always take priority over quotes.
If you are only committed to specific items, make sure to specify a conditional commitment (ex: "I only want everything if X and Y are available").

Now onto the sales!

Before I start the treasure box sales, I totally forgot I had this! But I need to free up room - l have this Worlds 2013 binder! I'm asking $25 OBO. Shipping will be ~$10.

Big Piplup head pillow! It's in slightly loved condition, and makes a great cushion! Asking $15.

Japan Treasure Box Sales!

Eevee (top row, left): $2
Eevee gold plated holo (right): $2.50
All holo: Jolteon (left), Jolteon (middle), Vaporeon: $2 each

Weavile, Raichu, Mew (left), Mew (right): $3.50 each

Gold plated holos!
Ponyta, Nidoran [M], Girafarig:$2.50 each
Gastly, Shuckle, Wobbuffet: $1.75 each

Arcanine: $3
Golbat, Gloom, Nidorino, Rapidash: $2.50 each

Dittochu/Pikachu, Celebi, Rayquaza: $2 each

Marumiya cards!
Sneasel, Zubat: $3.50 each
Gengar, Mime Jr: $3 each

Mew Lenticular Card: $4.50
Kecleon Lenticular Card: $3
Smoocum card, Oddish/Weepinbell/Caterpie Art Card: $1.50 each

Mew: $4
Nidorans, Gastly/Haunter, Articuno: $3.50 each
Gyarados, Weepinbell, Nidoqueen/Nidoking: $3.50 each

2nd gen sticker sheet: $4 for the entire sheet!

Dialga stickers: $2.50 each!

Hoppip Holo Meiji sticker, Pikachu Movie 2000 Sticker Sheet: $2.50 each

Gym Leaders Sticker Sheets: $3.50 each!

Mini cards!
They're thick and glossy, sturdy pretty cards that are vibrant in color. :D

Vulpix on chair, Vulpix (jumping): $3 each

Nice Cards! Celebi, Kecleon, Ledyba: $1.75 each

Vulpix, Jolteon, Leafeon pogs: $1.50 each

Mini Squares - these are $1.50 each!

And of course, any items here can be combined with anything remaining here from the rest of my flat sales:

Also a quick reminder that offers will be ending for a few Eeveelution items here:

I've added a countdown timer to the page, but it'll be ending tonight at 10pm EST!
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