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Venusaur Corner-Collection Update with GRAIL and a Mystery Figure

Hey guys! My collection has grown a lot since my last update and I've been itching to do another one :)
I got quite a few more things including one of my grails and a really interesting venusaur figure that I have no idea on origin.

Here's a preview :)


First, plushies!


There's the recent mega venusaur plush, 2 kawaii banprestos, and the DX banpresto. I recently got the DX venusaur from FJ. It's more awesome than I could ever hope ; v ;
The open mouth on the DX is done very well. It's stuck in perpetual chomp mode
I really love all of them, I don't think I could pick a favorite!


I got the pokedoll in the mail today too. It's so cute. I love how it's nub-legs are all splayed out. It's also my first pokedoll :)


I also collect venusaur's cards. I think I have almost all of the versions (excluding variations like reverse holo and non-holo) except 3.


These three are my favorite. I love the artwork on them. I also pulled the venusaur ex full art from my first XY pack!


I like oversized cards :)
I really like Dark Venusaur's color choice too.

Next, the GRAIL

IMG_7158 (2)

Shiny Venusaur Kid! I never thought I would own this guy ;__;
He came to me very dirty unfortunately, with black gunk and marks all over his flower. I (very carefully) scrubbed all that off and think he looks in pretty good condition now, with only a few minor paint rubs on the flower pointy thing :)
Mr.Clean Magic Eraser is most definitely magical.

IMG_7157 (1)

Next to regular colored kid for fun. I'm so happy to have this gem!


Also, a shiny sceptile kid. He in better condition than the venusaur, but I still need to clean him a little. I love sceptile, chose him in ruby. Very tempted to collect him...Anyways, I always thought shiny sceptile was awesome and feel very lucky to have this too :D


Here's all my tubby flower creatures together. They sit on this clear acrylic thing I made, next to my computer. They are categorized on how smug their expressions are (kidding).

Fun fact: the only venusaur I have that does not have half-closed eyes is the pokemon time strap. Not that it's a bad thing though! I love his expressions.


If you have any questions about any individual items feel free to ask :)

When I bought this figure, I was floored at how much the domestic delivery cost was. I thought they were ripping me off. Surely a figure the size of a small tomy would cost almost nothing to ship? But when I opened my package I was confused about how heavy one of the items was. It was this! He is HUGE and very very heavy. He is one of my largest figures, bigger than the DX kid and all the hypersize tomys.
I really love this figure, but have no idea where it is from. I scoured the internet, but still could not find anything.

Next to regular kid. It looks like it might be able to come apart at the legs and vines, but I'm too scared to try pulling it apart XD
It's very good quality and detailed. Also, his vines are out which is an added bonus.

Oh man you can really see how fat he is here. Seriously this thing weighs like a pound!
Apparently from 1998 and made in China, I'm not sure what the other stuff means.

Edit: Compared writing to that of FCS figure, and the characters appear to be identical. Does that mean it's made by Bandai as well?

If anyone has any info on this guy, it would be very much appreciated! It definitely one of my favorites in my collection.

Thanks for reading! Hope you like my collection c:

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