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Collection Update: Tomy Gen. 1 Complete

Hey Guys. I just wanted to make a final update on my Tomy figure collection. A little while ago I was finally able to obtain a legit nidorino, which was the last one I needed.



It's got the right seem, the 4 spots and the uncolored claws on the bottom, so I think I'm good to fill the final spot in the shelf now. :D

My shelves are a little saggy because the foam core board I used to make them was a little warped to begin with, but the above picture make it look more drastic than it actually is. I think my camera did something weird here. If you look at the first picture it shows it's really fairly flat on the top row.

So nice to have the whole thing complete. :)

Here's a picture of my current collection of plushies as well, just to make this a full update. It's pretty small now because I'm a little low on money and I've been trying to keep only the ones I'm really connected to.


Not really sure where I'm going with collecting now, but I'm not going anywhere and I'm sure I'll get back into merch after I get a job and move out. Once I'm more settled and stable I guess.

For now, high five on one objective complete!

One last thing.
I'm still looking for homes for my charmander and torchic pokedolls. They're 2010 US version with the tags detached. They're in great condition though and were only ever displayed.
-$10 each, let me know if you're interested.

Sales permission granted on 12/9/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback here:

Thanks for looking.
Tags: charmander, pokedolls, sales, torchic
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