collectorlittle (collectorlittle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi Im PKMNCollectorLittle from Youtube

Yes Im originally from the PokeTubing Community on Youtube^^ The people there are amazing and so kind. I have made a few friends. ^^

Anyway I just thought I would say hi and also tell you about my love for Absol and Mega Absol. I get to start my collection on my birthday, August 13th. Yep when the new set comes out is my birthday.^^

Not only do I get the Mega Absol plush from the PokeCenter (Her name is going to be Aurora^^) I also get to get two Booster Boxes of the new set to celebrate and I cant wait!.

Most of my collection is in videos on youtube, but maybe I can post here someday. Its far too big and scattered right now.

I will be posting images of my Absol and Mega Absol collection though however. ^^

Also if I buy or trade here it will mostly be for cards or Absol/Mega Absol things I cant find^^

I also forgot to say that Im in need of cards to complete my sets. All the cards I need will be over on my website:

That way I dont have to post the huge list here and you can see them there.

Also the site is constantly under construction at the moment, so if you dont see any cards there right now its because I am gathering the scans and they will be soon. So since they arent there at the moment just ask and I will let you know what ones I have. I am collecting from all sets.

As a side set I think Im going to collect the Legendary Dogs: Suicune, Raikou, & Entei

What do you think?
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