MegaPokemon3 (megapokemon3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Random gets and a custom get

Got some more plush toys today :3 Here they are!

I received the 4 plush toys I won from chain's auctions ^^

Ahh I love the turtwig pokedoll so much <3 ;-; he's my second pokedoll with litleo being my first. I expect I'll have a lot more in future XD
I'm also in love with Palkia and Zoroark, not gonna start falling in love with deoxys cause he's going to my sister for her birthday today :)

Aaaand my custom get! :)

Oooo who could it be?

It's a Greninja Chao <3 It's so cute, its my favourite plush by far! He was made by Cartoonist on dA :)
here's some more pics:

aww he's got a tiny little tail and tiny little wings ^w^

His tongue even comes undone! 8D
Excuse me while I go cuddle him to death <3
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