classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cute get, updated sales, and discussion~

First off I want to show off my new, daresay favorite plush I bought from gleameyesluxray ^.^

2012 fuzzy pikachu promo plush I friggin love this guy X-X  it's just to damn cute for words!! He was bought from pokemon story, a store that opened for a short time in South Korea, if anyone knows more about this awesome store I would love to hear ^^  thanks again girl! I had fun seeing you again :D

also, be sure to check gleameyesluxray's shop! She's got some real cool stuff for great prices!

The tag art is simple, but very cute :)

Hehehehe my cat could smell her cats so she kept snuggling him XD

I added a couple of things, my job hunt isn't going that well and want to make some money in time for the pokemon center website :D I think my prices are reasonable if I say so myself!

and speaking of! What do you think the website will have in stock? My best guess is recent pokedolls, some clothing items and the things they keep in them mini pokemon center vending machines in WA. So in other words, my expectations arn't SUPER high, but I'm still looking forward to getting pokedolls for shelf price ^^
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