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Flats + Custom Get \o/

Quick introduction for those who haven't seen my introduction post, but I am a Togetic Collector. o/ I just wanted to share with the community some of the stuff that came in the mail today: two envelopes of flats and a small package of a custom I commissioned.

First off, the flats!:

I love flats and luckily enough caffwin has a lot of them and I was so excited to see some Togetic flats in her sales that I scooped up these precious babies as fast as I could! lol A Black Ensky Sticker, some Amada Stickers plus a Pan Sticker.

The Attack Amada is definitely my favorite! I mean look at it! ;w;♥

The other envelope was from tdotakichan. I only collect Togetic, but since the minimum purchase was $2, I bought some of my other favorite Pokemon as well: a Dragonite, Lanturn and Munchlax Cardass. These will probably go into storage until I decide whether or not I want to pursue their own collections XD

And...the custom I was the most excited for! A Chibi Togetic Inspired Crochet Custom! \o/

Is he not the most adorable thing you ever seen?! ;-;♥ Love, love, love it so much! He's from MissJennysCrochet on etsy and I had asked her to make this cutie custom for me. You can see more pictures of it here. I wanna get another one already just so I could take one traveling with me and leave one for display lol

I also have another custom crochet being worked on right now and hopefully I'll get to see it soon as well as some more flats that should be coming soon. There is about 15+ different flats I've purchased in the past week and I'm looking forward to adding them to my growing collection. ^^

Current collection as of now. It's been about a month and a half since I started collecting so it's not as big as others, but I'm quite happy with it anyways.

Thanks for reading! o/
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