captainangel (captainangel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Where can I get me some Pokemon stuff in Seattle?


SO basically I'm off to Seattle tomorrow, unfortunately not for a relaxing time on the beach, but to sit in a sweaty hall watching the Dota 2 Internationals xD
I have a day or two extra booked for my own shenanigans, so heres my question;

Where can I pick me up some cool Pokemon stuff?!
Including TCG, I love the cards!
Or game related merchandise :U

If you've ever been to/live in the UK, you'd know it's not exactly thrilling for merch, are the US Toys R Us any good?
I am going to go to the Vending machine in Northgate, hopefully they might have some cool stuff in it...? :D

I'm a total noob, I've never been to Seattle before so any tips/help would be really awesome! Thanks! :3
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