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Freaking out about Noppin

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had an experience with this sort of thing? I recently won a nice lot on Noppin and was waiting for my shipping charge to come through. Well, I woke up to a message from Noppin saying that they accidentally shipped my lot to another client and they just realized it today as they were trying to prepare my shipment. Now they want my shipping address so the other client (lives in WA State, I live in CT) can mail my stuff to me directly. Has this sort of thing happened to you? I'm freaking out! What if the other person decides to keep some of my stuff, or all of it! It was one of those lots from toys_h1. Also, I am sort of hoping that maybe it was someone in the community that got my lot, so I can feel a little better about all this. Ugh I was waiting to do a collection update until this package came, now I don't know if it ever will. Here are the pictures of the missing lot :( Hopefully someone will recognize it.

Update: They were sent to another community member! All is good now! I cant believe my good luck!

missing lot
missing lot1
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