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Custom plushie goodness. . .

Spent 10 minutes making my post perfect and then goofed everything up when I tried to preview the post. Way to go, me. >_>

So, in my last post, I showed off a Slowpoke plush I made. Now I'm back with more!

shiny sylveon
Up first is a shiny Sylveon, of course! She's kind of like my mascot, haha. Her name is Sylvie, she's a foot tall, all hand sewn, made of fleece, has button eyes/nose, and wires in her legs to keep her feet in place. As cute as she is I wish she was more cuddly, she feels more like a display piece to me and I don't like that ._.
caramel ninetales
Up next is Ninetales. This is Caramel. I dunno how tall she really is, but she seems about a foot tall too. She's made of minky, hand-sewn, and has button eyes/nose too but she's super super floppy. Okay, I have to give a big round of applause to everyone else who's ever tried to make a Ninetales plush. Those tails are INSANELY BORING to make after like, tail #3. I thought I was going to go crazy sewing tails over and over and over and--

That's all for now, I'm saving up for the new Pokemon Center website store and in the meantime trying to decide what I should make next~
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