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Long Time No Collection Update

Yep, it's been a while. Over a year, in fact. I was another victim of the "just wait until x item comes in before updating" syndrome. In addition to that, my phone camera's quality isn't the most impressive. It was kind of demotivating to try and capture decent photos for sharing. Anyways, as aforementioned, it has been well over a year, and I seldom post on the community, so a brief re-introduction should refresh your memories.

Hi! I have been following the Pokémon fandom and buying its merchandise on and off since the very beginning. My favourite games/regions are GSC and RSE, and I am also very fond of the PMD series. Not a big fan of the more recent generations, I still play their games on occasion. My all-time favourite Pokémon are Grovyle and Lucario, whom I collect alongside Xatu and Flygon. My good friend xxlatiosxx invited me to pkmncollectors last year and this is when I decided to focus on collecting specific Pokémon rather than one or two items from a wide range of Pokémon like I'd done in the past. Thanks to this community and its resources, I have found many great additions to my collection!

For comparison purposes, this is my previous collection update:



With the Pokémon Time 2013 promotion, my Xatu and Flygon display has really transformed from what it used to be. The clearfiles and plush especially improved its appearance.



Grovyle's got his own shelf now. Like Xatu and Flygon, I am very content with its growth and layout.


I purchased this with a creative idea in mind, to use it as a picture frame featuring the "family" (aka the Pokémon I collect). With the exception of Xatu, I selected my favorite card for each Pokémon out of all other cards of them available. I'm still on the lookout for a Xatu Skyridge H32 at a reasonable price to replace this Neo Genesis one.







And then there's Lucario, who incidentally takes up three shelves. Damn movie Pokémon. x> I originally planned on collecting all the Lucario I could get my hands on, but it didn't take long for me to realize how unrealistic this was. Since then, I have become a bit picky in what I purchase... yet somehow, I still ended up with all of this, lol. My next project will probably be to weed out this collection.


A closer look at my bulletin board, clock on the other side of my bedroom, and settei. Big thanks to rgmusashi for selling me her Grovyle settei! They're not easy to find, and considering how elusive much of Gen 3 stuff is, I am very happy to get my hands on them. Also, looking for people who have Lucario settei. I'm curious to see what other kinds exist.

And for the Digimons fans!




Getting closer to completing my Xatu, Grovyle, and Flygon collections. Perhaps you can help me acquire these items?


I need to raise some money to pay for the rest of my cosplay too, thus...

Pokémon sales:
Non-Pokémon sales:
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