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introduction post ^-^

Hello my fellow people!
After around 2 months of lurking around in pkmncollectors and looking at all these super sweet plushes and collectables I finally decided to join this community and it's already nice just to be a part of it! I always wanted to join but I thought that the procedure would be sooo hard so I always pushed it to another date. But finally I did it and I'm glad, hihi :3
First of all I'm sure that you wanna hear a bit about me, won't you?
My name is Razora, in real life Emilie, I'm 15 years old and living in Germany, especially in a little state called Saarland and it's mostly calm over here. (And I'm already sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning in school tho!) The reason I joined is of course the passion for Pokémon and collecting plushes. I got hooked on Pokémon when I first watched the anime in TV, it was when I was 7 years old so it was already 8 years ago (I'm feeling old now...). I always ran as fast as I could from school so I wouldn't miss the newest episode. When Diamond for the DS was released, my brother bought it and I always wanted to play it but he didn't allow me to. So when Platinum went out, I bought it for myself at day one and finally played my first Pokémon game - damn, I really enjoyed it! At this time, as a cute little girl, Shaymin was absolutly my favorite Pokémon. So this is why I also bought my first PokéDoll in 2010: a 2009 Skyform Shaymin. I still remember when the package arrived and I screamed because I was so happy, so cute! But it was nothing serious about collecting any dolls. After some time until this year in May, only a Oshawott PokéDoll and two Banpresto Dolls (Pansage and Scraggy), which I bought on two conventions in 2013, joined. But this year everything started to get serious. I vistited the German Video Game Championship (going to talk about that a bit later) where I got to meet my best friends which I got to know in one of the biggest Pokémon communities in Germany. When I arrived mandamaeh immediatly gave me a cute Aquana plush and I love it! (thanks again! ♥) Manda and her friend were selling some plushes and brought some. She told me a it about them and I really got interested what I missed after all the time. And damn, it's a lot! So after 2 weeks, I finally ordered 4 new plushes: Meowstic-M, Charmander, Pancham and a Substitute. I only have 9 plushes at the moment... but with Manda I ordered a new batch (Chespin PokéDoll, Meowstic-M and F PokéDolls, Espurr PokéDoll, 2014 Victini PokéDoll) and I bought my holy grail: A I ♥ Gothic Chandelure! Why? Because when GenV was released, my favorite changed from Shaymin to Chandelure and the Gothic is one of the rare plushes of it. It popped up at Storenvy at a really nice price and I can't for it to arrive! (When the seller Tenefix sees this, as (s)he stated that (s)he is a member of pkmncollectors, thanks again! ♥)
If anyone wants to know, I'll talk a bit about the Video Game Championship. Since I'm really interested in the Competitive Play (CP) of Pokémon, I participated in the Championship. In the CP, everything is about breeding the perfect Pokémon, finding out great strategies to beat your enemy and working out the best team as possible. My team for the VGC was: Charizard-Y, Ferrothorn, Scrafty, Garchomp, Rotom-Wash and Tyranitar. I played at the Seniors Devision (for little kids: Juniors, for huge kids: Masters), so I'm pretty much in the middle age, but this was my last year. In Masters, the really good players are playing so I'm fearing for next year. But this year, I ended with a score of 4-3 and the 23th place. I'm really happy about this after the 63th place last year with a score of 3-3.
I'm also a huge fan of League of Legends and I would love to see some Pokémon collecting summoners!
That was really a huge text, so now I invite you for a cup of tea while you can watch my current collection :3 Take a look!

A overall look of my little collection!

A papercraft Ludicolo, my brother made it and gifted me at "Last Christmas", he worked whole nights to build it and he said he went crazy at doing it. But I love it!

Well, not really a plush, but still worth a look. It's my newest haul, a Substitute 3DS XL Hard Case. It just looks so great, I didn't expect it looking THAT GOOD at blue color. I love it. I even payed 10$ less... (thanks based eBay for that coupon)

I know, not much pics, but I have so many things all over my room and I need some time to find them all and show them in a nice way. But I promise, until my next collection update, there will be new things!
Thanks for looking at this small collection and I hope I'll find some new friends here - humans and plushes!

EDIT: I totally forgot to write about some of my wants! But since I'm low on money and I'm saving a bit for GamesCom, I won't buy any of them at the moment:
jap. Pansage PokéDoll
Cobalion PokéDoll
Pachirisu PokéDoll
some Ichiban Kuji Lottery Goods (especially the cups!)
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