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Plush cleaning help! + collection pics

Hey everyone~
I got this I Love Pikachu Winter plush from a lot recently~ He's SUPER adorable and I've never had a plush with this kind of material before (what is it even called?)... but unfortunately he came covered with a whole lot of dark lint that's really hard to get off!! I'm afraid if I pull at the lint too much, the plush material will get pulled too...

Any suggestions on how to clean this guy? Considering putting him through my clothes dryer since that usually takes out lint (while protecting the tag, although the tag is pretty beat up already), but I'd like some advice/other suggestions first ^^; I want to offer it up for trade too but I feel bad leaving it in this condition (unless the person who wants can give this the care it deserves!).

My collection is forever cursed to be a random jumble until I move possibly around end of the year, and I'm hoping where I move will be a good "permanent" place... unfortunately, at this point, it also has to deal with my older sister and her unstable plans for the future so that leaves me anxious x_x; Although, at this point if I have to move I'm going to insist that I get a good part of the deal because SHE's the one who's set to move out of the area eventually (she's only in the area to finish up her PhD), and I'd... like to find a place where my bf can move in with me... it's complicated like that lol

The top of the cabinet desk I do my laptop work on~ The desk itself belongs to my roommate though, but that's fine since this thing shakes up a bit and figures tend to fall when I'm not careful... orz

I got my Levi figma last night so I just wanted to share some quick cross Pokemon lulz

Himedakko heichou

And affection for the Reshiram xD

I have this thing about creating interesting "scenes" with my plush (I'd like to enter the plush contest but I haven't thought of anything for a single plush shot XDDD) so here's this when I got a second Pokemon Time magnet plush (omg they're so cute...!!! I wish the new Time plushies were magnet plush too, I probably would've ended ordering more than Furret if they had... xD)

Charizard saving Xatu off the cliff of Fennekin's nose, with Mewtwo down below to save them. And photobombing Umbreon

And still trading for items in my wants list! ~
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