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A Mega Collection and some questions :D

Hi everyone!

Recently I've..accidentally added a new 'main' collection. I loved Mega Charizard X from the second I saw him in Origins, and knew I'd definitely want at least a few things of this gorgeous Charizard, but it has become that Pokemon that as soon as I see something of it, I neeeeed it. I'm sure you know how the feeling, haha.

I know I am missing a few things. The chopsticks & other can badge I ordered a few days ago so those are on their way to me~! The other thing I know for sure I am missing is the one that came in the set with Absol; I think I'm just going to cave and buy myself the set.

Which brings me to my question...

I am a bit confused about the sinker figures that are coming out on the 19th. I've seen them for preorder and I am definitely going to get one..but the photos of them are a bit confusing?

Are these two different figures, or just the figure from a different angle? The wings, arms/legs/feet and head in the first one don't look at all like the stock image from the Pokemon Center site. He looks much bulkier in the stock image, but it could just be the photo/the angle. I know there is a different figure coming out of it soon, too, but that's not until the end of the month, and it looks much different (the flames are clear.) Are there two different sinker figures coming out and I'm just confused? ^^;

My birthday was just on the 10th, and I am eagerly awaiting for the 19th to spend all of my birthday money on all of the amazing new Mega Zard stuff coming out in a few days either way :DD

Thank you so much!! Have a great day everyone :)
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