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Misty, Touko, & Touya Collection Update!

Hello everyone! I finally have a day off so I can show you all how much my collection has increased since my last update August 2013. For starters, I'm a collector of Misty along with Touko & Touya (BW protagonists). I've been pretty lucky Touko & Touya have a good amount of merchandise. I love these three very much! ♥ Quick warning: very image heavy.

So here's a good portion of my flats from both collections. I need to buy another board to display even more of them.

Starting off with my Touko & Touya collection!

Dot Sprite Messenger bag!! This one has an interesting story. I first saw this item on a GA on here, but we lost... horribly by several hundred dollars. If I had known we were losing by such a huge amount, I would have tripled my bid on this item and bid on others. I had no idea this bag had Touya on the tag, so I knew I wanted it. I was heartbroken when we lost the GA for weeks. I even had dreams of this bag with tiny wings floating away from me. I have never been so upset over an item. I kept moping around for it until weeks later... I saw a member on here having it for auction! I instantly jumped on that post placing my bid. The very last day of the auction, I got competition to the point I was nearly sniped on the last few minutes of the auction. Thanks to my boyfriend and I watching over it like hawks, I managed to win it. RELIEFFFFFFFFFFFF! I cried happy tears to get this baby. Look at the tag!! What a cutie. ♥

Clearfiles! I love the artwork, especially the Victini one! I still have yet to get my hands on the Battle Subway clearfile, so please sell it to me if you're willing to part ways!

Dot Sprite Touya clearfile and stickers! Touya's been so tough to find merch for out of the two.

Mini clearfile and other goodies.

Pokemon Mate & Dot Sprite stuff! Aren't they precious?

Here's a closeup! The perler sprites are customs but I think they fit so well with the Dot Sprite merch.

Pokemon Mate strap and Dot Sprite Touko sticker sheet! Let me know if you're selling the Touya version.

Dot Sprite clearfiles.

Pokemon Mate mug! I couldn't resist and bought two. One for collection and the other for use. ♥

Dot Sprite Figures! I find it so hilarious how there's a stick to hold up Touko's hair. They're both adorable! ♥

Pokemon Mate metal charms! So cute!

Pokemon Mate tote bag, Touya Dot Sprite watch, custom hats, and poster of the Victini clearfile. I have to find a good frame for the poster.

Touya Dot Sprite Watch! It has a masculine form so I gave it to my boyfriend who happens to adore Touya. I'm saddened how they made a watch for N, Touya, and Pikachu but not Touko. Then we'd have matching watches. ;__;

Pokemon Special Manga & official artbook. Vol 50 and the artbook have an interesting story. Caught sight of them being sold on the comm here and instantly nabbed them. Weeks pass and no sign of them. I had tracking on them. These two items went on a road trip from its origin in Missouri to northern CA, southern CA, Illinois, Iowa, southern CA, and finally arrived to me in Los Angeles. I was so relieved to see them come safe and sound without damage which was extremely lucky in my case. It was so weird! XD

Pictures of the artbook! It has gorgeous artwork of the Pokemon Special manga, including my three favorites. Don't they look so good?

Chessshipping doujinshi! One of the artists was kind to send me a tote bag of them! Ahhhh, so cute! My heart melted! ;v; ♥

Also got my hands on this amazing blanket from fishenod at Anime Expo! It had my two favs on there so of course I had to get it! The blanket fits exactly on my bed. It's like it was meant to be. ♥

At this point, I have everything of the Pokemon Mate promo! Yay!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me complete this portion of my collection! I still have more merch to track down, including the lovely Dot Sprite promo. If you have any of these items from the Dot Sprite promo, please sell them to me. ;v;

And now onward to my redhead collection! ♥

Trust me, I have even more flats. XD

World tournament clearfile & bookmark! I love how Misty's in the middle.

So much stuff! New additions are the Ash & Misty TOMYs, Staryu plush, and the pokemon kids!

Mini TOMYs of Misty, Togepi, and Psyduck. These are tiny!

More pogs and a UK Misty stamp.

Bottlecaps & the Misty coin are the new additions.

Another Misty stamp and the V-Trainer! I was surprised to see it has her powerful pokemon on there. This is the only merch that has Misty in her Hoenn outfit.

Puzzle with Misty on it!

Closer look at the anime flats.

Last but not least, my Pokeshipping doujinshi. Finding doujins with Misty on there is a little tougher! They all have gorgeous artwork.

Completely forgot about these guys! Ash & Misty marbles, the gunmetal Misty, the Pokemon Mate dress sticker, and the Misty TFG chess figure.

And that completes my collection update! Thank you for viewing this post! I'm hoping to make a collection website and do a photoshoot of some of the cute merch sometime. ;v;

Please view my Wants List!
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