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Psy-kitty gets and announcing: Pokéthon!

Hey guys, long time no post! I got some neat stuff awhile back I didn't get to show off!

When the Meowstic line was first announced, I instantly fell in love with the female psychic kitty! I eagerly awaited merchandise, and when the "Espurr Wanted!" promo was announced I was so stoked! A friend introduced me to a great vendor, and my package arrived on my birthday!

 photo DSC02701_zps076ad865.jpg
Follow the Espurr to see!

Espurr Wanted merch photo DSC02697_zps2249eaef.jpg
I was honestly screeching when I got these lovelies! I desperately wanted that big Meowstic, and I wanted merch with the artwork, and the bookmarks were cheap and something I figured I might actually use. The Espurr are prizes for the convention I'm running (more on that later), and I tried to freak my little brother out by hiding them around his room, but they were too adorable to be creepy, haha.

 photo DSC02687_zpscb15b006.jpg
Meowstic is huge and insanely soft - I just wanna cuddle with her all the time, but I worry about ruining her fur and tag! (The tag is already getting bent!) Does anyone have advice for protecting tags that won't fit into top-loaders?

Meowstic bookmarks photo Bookmarks_zpsee18fa22.jpeg
I still haven't taken these out of their package, they're too precious! I love this artwork so much!

So I've mentioned this a couple times, but I'd like to officially announce that this year, I will be running a series of Pokémon events and programming at a Canadian animé convention! May I introduce...

Pokethon v small photo PokethonLogoverysmall_zpsb1bc9e3b.png
Pokéthon will take place at Otakuthon in Montreal, Quebec, August 22-24! There will be video game tournaments and challenges, panels, a cosplay photo-shoot, a contest, and more! Like us on Facebook to get news and updates!

I will also be running a panel on collecting and buying Pokémon merchandise on Sunday afternoon with without_reason, and it would be awesome to see some fellow pkmncollectors there! Maybe we can arrange a small get-together!

Please help us spread the word, and let us know what you think! Thanks for reading!
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