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Small Sticker Sales~!

Hi guys! A wonderful package arrived to me today that contained a bunch of bunny goodness~! I got a bunch of Bunnelby stickers, but I don't need the rest so I'd like to spread the sticker love~! :D

-Feedback can be found here:
-I was given sales permission on 3/23/2014 by allinia
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees!
-I accept Paypal only :)
-I ship from Washington and am not yet comfortable with shipping internationally :(
-Please allow me 2-3 weeks to ship, I have a lot of after school activities and will only be able to reach the post office on weekends and some Fridays!
-I'm not responsible for any damaged/lost items once they are in the hands of the post office!
-Those who commit to an item first have priority over it, asking for a quote is not committing. Terminology such as: "I will take", "I will have", and "Committing to" are the only terms I'll accept as committing. Otherwise I will read it as an inquiry and someone else may get priority over you. This is to avoid confusion and make things easier for everyone!
-Once you've committed to an item please pay within 48 hours, if I have not received payment after this time period please contact me or the item will be put back up for sale!
-Reasonable haggling is a-okay!
-Items come from a smoke free home!
-I have two dogs. If you have allergies and are interested in an item I will do my best to clean it up!
-I will do holds for 48 hours if you are absolutely committed :)
-I will let you know when your item is shipped! Please let me know when you receive! This is also when I will leave feedback :) (Unless you're in need of feedback in which case I will do so after payment is received)
-If you have read all these policies, please put the word "rabbit" somewhere in your comment! Failure to do so may result in someone getting an item over you! Thank you for understanding! :)

photo1 (1)
Mewtwo stickers: $.75 each
Or take the whole sheet for $2.50!

Sylveon & Pikachu: $1
Pancham/Rainbow starters: $.50 each
Everything else: $.20 each
Or take the whole sheet (without Bunnelby) for $2.50!

Pancham/Dedenne/Espurr/Plaid starters: $.50 each
Everything else: $.20
Or take the whole sheet (without Bunnelby) for $2!

(these are a bit bigger than the others)
Pancham/Swirlix/Espurr: $1 each
Inkay: $.75
Others: $.50 each
Or take the whole sheet (without Bunnelby/group) for $3.50!

Hope you guys can find something you like! Also, here's a collection update pic! I've been working on a really long update post, but there are SO many pictures it's taking forever XD

ALSO, THOSE FLAT FIGURES ARE HUGE!! You can see the blue one in front of my Pokecen Bunn! I thought they would be small! So happy with them! And looking for the other colors...I shall have them all...
And my Dusclops custom painting came in!! Look at the pretty! Look at it!! Thanks so much pikabulbachu~!

Good day everyone~! :D
Also, Rin Matsuoka is taking over my life. Just had to get that out.
Tags: collection, espurr, pancham, sales, sylveon
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