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A few gets and my first commissioned custom!

So something pretty amazing happened today! The power of the pandas overwhelms people sometimes, and after commissioning MissJennysCrochet just earlier today for a crocheted chibi Pangoro, I received an email late this evening saying she'd completed it! In 1 day! With pictures! How amazing is she?! For the first time commissioning someone for something like this, I think it's safe to say that it couldn't have gone better. I'm so happy :3 kinda freaked out a little.

I mean just look at this grumpy little guy. holy pokeballs.

DEFINITELY check out her store, her prices are so great, I was amazed, and as you can see she does beautiful, cute, quality work!

Can't wait 'till he arrives! :D


YAY~ so my package from FJ FINALLY arrived and I'm really glad to finally have the Pangoro kid. The Pangoro-kid void has finally been filled. And also I can stop getting irritated by seeing the Pancham promo card up everywhere, 'cause I finally have that too.

The can badge (If anyone can give me info on these I'd appreciate it, as I'm curious... How are they sold, etc?) featuring Pancham was actually the most expensive thing haha. It's pretty awesome looking, and... I'm starting to warm up to Pikachu's new oval-y design. I guess he looks cute too. D:<

The AAAMAZINGLY ADORABLE/PERFECT/BEAUTIFUL/AAARGh<3 traditional art card you see with a surfing Pangoro and Pancham was done in a trade by plushlosophy here in the community and I really love it so much! It'd be so cool to commission a bunch of stuff with my website's theme in the future. Thank you so much! The one I did for you pales in comparison to this ;o; and you sent me the Emolga card, which I didn't have yet?! You're too awesome! ♥

Up-close pics of the stuff you see here (most of it) can be seen on my website, as well as my whole collection (I updated it a bit today!)

Thank you for lookin'~ I have tons of stuff I'm planning on selling, so... I should be back here sometime soon to share that with you guys. Take care :3

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