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First Ever FromJapan! Gets post! Weeee! Also a few sales from it!

Hi everyone! Holy CRAP am I excited to be here today, IT'S GRAIL TIIIIIME.

I've been waiting to get this box shipped for weeks and weeks, I bought the graily grail around two months ago and I finally had a few things stacked up to ship, including something pointed out to me by a comm member so thank you! :D

There are a few things from the post that I'm selling on, a few Japanese TCG and a magazine (I've no idea what it is xD) so hit the end of the post for those!

Ooooh it's a boxybox! From Japanland you say?! Well now, we know it's going to be good! :D

Oop, so close! Whassat under there huh?

HOLY DRAGONS BATMAN. Awwww yisss the Dragonite model set! I'll actually be keeping this minty and sealed and never made :) I don't really collect figures or have anywhere to display them, but I thought this set was super cool to have as part of my Dragonite collection!

Next up, misc. flats! I really wanted the Pikachu World Cup promo card, so I picked one of those up for cheaps, and a few Dragonite EX cards :D I'm only keep one, the other two and the magazine itself are for sale at the end of the post!

Leafeon! With the Japanese tag, yay! The tag is a lot more battered than the photos showed, and they've detatched the tail from the body:

Booooo :( I'm torn on whether or not to try and re-attach it. It's probably simple enough but I don't think I trust myself to do it :( It's not really a dealbreaker for me anyway, I'm still pretty happy to have the lil guy!

And finally... Le Grail! *drum rolling intensifies*


He's pretty darn minty too, his tag is slightly curved but otherwise immaculate :D And I got him for a bargain! He was on fj from a brand new seller so I guess no one else wanted to bid, I got him for the start bid! :O :O I almost can't believe he's here, my own little squishbutt :3

Hes's pretty please to be here too :D

Group shot! :D

Thanks for reading, and a huge thank you to everyone who helped me track these things down, I'm so happy right now! We shall now proceed on to the sales :D

Pandaeatworlds Policies!

- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 18 Jan 2014
- You can find my feedback here
- Contacting me via PM unless requested Is Not Okay. Same goes for editing/deleting comments or changing your mind after committing. If you're suddenly having issues, let me know. I'm a reasonable person :)
- I have a kittycat. He doesn't touch my 'monz, he knows better, but that does mean that pet hair and allergens are in my house so if you're strongly allergic it's likely better to not purchase anything here, sorry!
- Items come from a smoke free home.

- Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees.
- Paypal only.
- Haggling is fine! But please don't be offended if we can't come to an agreement.
- Payment expected within 24hours of committing unless we've agreed otherwise. I will hold on request.
- Prices do not include fees and shipping

- I will ship internationally, from Ireland. Shipping starts at $4 (conversions, urgh)
- I can be a slow shipper. Potentially anything from 2 days to a week or so. I don't have direct access to a car and the post office is a pain to get to, so I rely on husband to do it for me.
- I always ship in a bubble mailer, even for cards. It's much safer!
- I am not responsible for the item after it leaves my paws at the post office.

Magazine - $7 - see other photos.
Dragonite EX - $13 each
Other cards - $1 each

There is a tiny bit of damage to the cover of the magazine caused by me taking the packet for the card off of it D:

It's only on the patch that was under the card and doesn't have any pokemon pictures on it :)

With the pattern it's actually not that noticeable :)

You can find the rest of my sales items in two posts right now:
here and here
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