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New Sales!

Hello!! Long time no see!!
I have some stuff for sale today!

New Updates Include:
    Giant Wailord Pokemon Time Plush
Pokemon Time Umbreon and Espeon Pouch
Pokemon Grass Type Walky Wallet
Grass Type Focus Spa bag
Munna Pokedoll Pen
Coloring book, stickers, and toys
Price drops on older items, including Pikachu Monthly Pillow!

 photo mmsales_zps9cf714c9.png

Pkmncollectors Feedback is located here!
LJ Feedback is located here!
Sales permission granted by Denkimouse (don't have the exact date, but a few years ago!)
I am located in the US and prices are in USD.
All items come from a non-smoking home.
I accept Paypal, money orders, checks, and western union!
Prices do not include shipping.
Please comment with the items you are interested in + your location for a shipping quote!
When asking for a quote, please get back to me within 24 hours! Otherwise I must sell to the next committed person.
I do ship internationally ♥

I do accept layaways and holds with a 10% nonrefundable deposit! I am very flexible on layaway times, please comment or PM for details.

Direct Sales

 photo photo1_zps1db63834.jpg
 photo photo2_zps046309ab.jpg photo photo3_zps29695a0b.jpg
 photo photo2_zps96b2d09f.jpg photo photo3_zpsb1cc50b5.jpg
 photo photo5_zpsafb44f46.jpg photo photo1_zpsab338d1b.jpg
Wailord Pokemon Time Plush
Mint with tags! About 24inches from nose to tail. I think the ball from the plastic might have become unlatched in the tube? (See photo.) But the tag has no creases and is still attached! (I will ship with with protective cardboard around it to keep it safe.)
Since this is such a rare plush, I require insurance and signature confirmation for US shipping (tracking is already included) or priority mail for international shipping paid on the buyer's behalf, unless they payment is sent in a different method than a standard paypal payment, such as gift payment, money order, or western union. Normally I do not do this but due to its rarity I only wish to ship with insurance/signature confirmation unless the buyer is not wanting to pay the extra coverage at their own expense.

 photo photo2copy2_zpse528b3e0.jpg
 photo photo3copy2_zpsf7f43bee.jpg
 photo photo1copy2_zps26238ce4.jpg photo photo5copy6_zpsafde6e84.jpg
 photo photo3copy6_zps5f293470.jpg
Pokemon Time Umbreon Espeon Travel Pouch
Brand new, never used! Designed to hold toiletries.
$30 SOLD

 photo photo5copy11_zpsaa94031f.jpg
 photo photo1copy6_zps6d028c1d.jpg photo photo2copy6_zps8886f98c.jpg
Pokemon Walky Grass Type Wallet
Brand new, in pristine condition, never used!
$25 SOLD

 photo IMG_2710_zpsf8be5174.jpg
Brand new with tags! Roughly 9in long x 9.5 in wide x 4in deep.

 photo IMG_2708_zps563096d2.jpg
 photo IMG_2709_zps40397472.jpg
Pikachu Monthy Pillow (Assumed to be April!)
Mint with tags, about 8 x 8 inches.

 photo photo2_zps7823e9b7.jpg
 photo photo3_zpsb3fd064c.jpg photo photo4_zps19db8cca.jpg
Munna Pokedoll Pen
In perfect condition other than a tiiiny discoloration mark. (See photos.) Pen has not been used and I am the first owner.

 photo photo4copy9_zps3c481ec8.jpg
Plusle and Minun Zukan Figure
Brand new!

 photo IMG_2718_zpsda905d69.jpg
Pokemon Charms
Only Squirtle and Wailmer available. New and sealed!
$8 each

 photo photo3copy11_zpsc6607b8d.jpg photo photo4copy11_zpse48b0cb7.jpg
Pokemon Coloring Book
Still sealed in perfect condition!

 photo ash_zpse9da348f.jpg
Pokemon Lego Ash
In great condition with no major flaws.
$6 each

 photo IMG_2730_zps7d421f04.jpg
 photo IMG_2731_zpsfa3c75f9.jpg
Treecko Kitchen Set
Stickers have been placed on the objects, no flaws!

 photo photo4copy3_zps43ebe5af.jpg
Pikachu and Pichu Mini Towel
Never used! Fibers are a little creased from being folded but in perfect condition otherwise.

 photo photo3copy3_zps6eb82bd8.jpg
Pikachu Puff stickers
Brand new!

 photo photo6_zps8ffa6986.jpg
 photo photo7_zpsf4563de3.jpg
Pokemon CD case
Used condition, shows lots of ware.

 photo photo5copy14_zps95bb427a.jpg
Ash and Pikachu Pin

 photo photo1copy3_zps69c5d72d.jpg
Wynaut figure
Has some scuffs and scratches.

 photo IMG_2712_zpse8ec5f1a.jpg
Charmander figure and empty box set (wasn't sure if I should throw the box away ;_; )
Box has a crack in the front plastic and lots of ware.
$2 for both

 photo IMG_2716_zps39c45f07.jpg
Pikachu figure (about the size of a quarter)
$0.25 or free with $20+ purchase SOLD

 photo IMG_2721_zps9e15966a.jpg
Leafeon Charm
$1 or free with $20+ purchase SOLD

Tags: charmander, leafeon, minun, munna, pikachu, plusle, squirtle, wailmer, wailord, wynaut
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