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flareon jakks & pokedoll + flats sales

Hey guys! I have a Flareon Jakks, Flareon Pokedoll, several other cheap Jakks figures, and a ton of playing cards for sale today! :D Offers/haggling/trades are welcome!

I ship from the US! Shipping starts at about $2.50 in the US and $7 international. For flats only, US shipping is $1 and international shipping is $2 unless you buy so many that it makes the envelope too thick. I usually ship the day after receiving payment - the exception is international flats since I need to go to the post office for stamps. I accept Paypal!

I was grandfathered into sales permission. More sales rules can be found in my main sales post! It's a bit outdated, but I'd be more than happy to combine shipping with anything there C:

Prices aren't set in stone - feel free to make an offer or haggle! I'll consider trades, but I'm only seeking Noivern kids at the moment.

$35 or best offer - Jakks Flareon
Excellent condition, no paint rubs or marks, no scratches to the paint on his eyes or nose. Sorry about the blurry photo! I can try to get a better one if you'd like.

$20 or best offer US 2008 Flareon Pokedoll with tag
$3 Wobbuffet new Tomy

Various figures! Some have small/faint marks.
$5 Yveltal deluxe? tomy figure with stand (small mark on the back of one wing), Jakks Gastly, 2004 Squirtle tomy
$3 Zekrom figure with base, Reshiram (no base, small marks on wings that will probably come off with a bit more magic eraser)
$2 Kyurem (marks, one arm is loose), Entei figures, Kabuto w/ fossil, Omanyte, Geodude playset figures

Jakks figures!
$5 Beautifly (gray mark on the white of one eye, looks like a paint error)
$4 Ponyta (light wear on flames/hooves), Chingling, Ambipom
$3 Cherubi, Munna
$2 Buneary

More Jakks!
$2 Gengar (paint worn on eyes), Lickitung (small spot on head), Zekrom, Medicham
$1 Meditite, Pachirisu, Tepig

And more! All are $1. Overall good condition but may have faint marks or light wear - let me know if you'd like a condition check on any!

Right-click -> view image for closeups!
When commenting, let me know the card number and suit along with the main Pokemon (queen of hearts sandshrew, 8 of diamonds persian etc.)

These are playing cards, but I don't think they're official. They have some neat art, though! They're not mint, but I've sorted out all the ones with serious damage or creases. All cards have Ash and Pikachu on the back.
All of these are $2 each!

$1 each

Bent/damaged/creased cards. Free, take as many as you want!

Now these cards ARE legit, haha. Pretty excellent condition but they may have some tiny marks. All have the Venusaur picture on the back.
$2 each

$1 each

$1 each

That's it for now! Thanks for looking :D
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