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Introducing Nico and His Collection!

Hey friends!

I'm so excited to have found this magnificent group!!!!

  I am 24 years old and from Kansas City, MO. I have been a barista since i was 16, and i love making coffee for people! I also make a lot of art. I paint, draw, sculpt, and craft. My favorite medium is oil paint or porcelain clay when sculpting. You can check some of my art out on tumblr

on to the pokemon!

The good stuff.

    I've been collecting Tomy Monster Collection toys since the 3rd grade but only recently continued my journey. I restarted collecting about a year and a half ago. Since, I've been addicted to collecting. I have a collection of about 180 figures now. Ive recently been trying to weed out the bootlegs and fakes, so any you may see in my posts here, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

I also have quite a few Pokemon plushies such as, Jirachi, Togepi, and the Eveelutions and a TON of TCG stuff. Let me know if i should upload photos of my plushy collection. Maybe in the future I may get permission to sell, I am willing to part with my plushies.

My collection; (hopefully later i will take time to post better pics!)


Thanks for lookin' and definitely comment with any comments, questions or requests!!!

<3 Nico
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