Maddy (hellgarr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some gets and first want post ^w^

Hi there :3

I started working two jobs this past week and I'm sorta lovin' the extra cash, so I decided to treat myself to a couple of gets :D

I also have a few wants I wanna throw out there incase anyone from the comm can tell me how I can get my hands on them!

Got this guy with my first check from ToysnGames Outlet on Amazon. He was so perfectly wrapped in the plastic I was iffy on whether or not I wanted to take him out, But here he is<3

Next up: I took train ride to Manhattan monday with my boyfriend and we stopped at nintendo world! So I HAD to get him! He's so cuddly I love it!


And here they are in all their glory! Basically my 2 favorite starters<3 Needless to say, I am happy

Giant Play-by-Play Bulbasaur is my first want, I wanted him for a while now since I got my Giant Charmander. I'm aiming to find one as big as 24-32"


Next: Pokemon center Charizard. I'm not sure what his line was called, but I assume hes a smaller version of the 12" Best Wishes Charizard. I saw him a few times on ebay a while back when I couldn't spend the money, but havent been able to find him since :/


Which brings me to my ULTIMATE GRAAAAAIL! I need this guy so bad. I can't really seem to find one I can afford at the moment, but I am determined >:3

Thanks for looking everyone! If anyone knows where I can get my hands on any of the wants, let me know! :D
(I got all my pics from google, so let me know if they're yours and you want me to take em down!)
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