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Collection Post+My new wants page!

Hi everyone, well here it is, my collection post(and a day earlier then originally planned)! I am very excited and I hope you enjoy it. However, some pictures may be blurry and dark because my camera is use to videos and some of the pictures may be dark but most seem fine. Also at the bottom is my new ants section.


First my shaymins! It consist's of Shaymin DX UFO catcher plush from sonicelectronic(very cute), Skymin Friends plush from Gin, Landmin Pokemon kid and landmin sticker from Gin. I love these guys very much and am currently think of getting the landmin tomy plush!
Next up is my current electivire collection. It consists of Banpresto plush(from Yaoi_Queen), electronic figure, glittery amada sticker(from Warandromance) and what I believe is the Jakks figure(I got in my local K-Mart). I am very proud of the electivire stuff I have and look forward to future stuff(Zuakn,kid etc)!
Next up is Munchlax plush purse and Pikachu clock. I love this Munchlax so much(I dont mind its a purse). It is very cute and I will never trade it. With the clock I got it at my local clock place which sells anime characters. Sadly though it is very loud and currently where not using it(not for trade sorry)!
Munchlax from the back!
Pokemon 10th Movie cloth/hankerchief. This is very cool and the picture dosent do much justice. I love all the designs on it!
My Pokemon guides etc. Sorry the picture was really bad and didnt get them all in. I have the ranger one at the bottom and the fourth one is Firered/Leafgreen. Keep in mind also that I have ordered Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai which is due to be releaesed in Australia December 3rd!
My Pokemon figures. As you will see in the next shot my dear old Charizard is missing a wing. Also the Mew, Plusle, Charizard and Blastoise(see below) are all from McDonalds and all did features all had stuff attached to them!
Well there he is, missing a wing but still majestic!
Here is the McDonalds Blastoise and the Jakks Mewoth which came with electivire and Buneary(see below)!
Here is the Jakks Buneary, possible bootleg Banette pog and.....
Plusle pog which came with the Plusle McDonalds toy! Very cool in my opinion!
Lone Giratina another forme kid. Sorry for the bad picture!
Many Pokemon pamphlets from many of these items!
And to end todays collection post...
Lots of Pokemon trading card game cards. Includes Anicent Mew as seen on the top!

Well thanks for looking today and I hope you enjoyed. It may be small but over time it will grow(I didnt want to do a picture with everyone due to reasons of how it turned out). Next update will be around October-Novemeber!

Wait theres more...

Koolhks Wanted List!
Below are all the items I currently want from both electivire and lickilicky!

Electivire Zukan(holy grail 1 out of 2)
This electivire amada sticker(top left hand corner).(Holy grail 2 out of 2 of electivire)!
Now for my lickilicky grails!

Lickilicky coin purse(Lickilicky holy grail 1 out of 2)
Lickilicky 10th Movie figure(Lickilicky holy grail 2 out of 2)!
As well as electivire kid(though not so desperate)!

.THIS JUST IN: My lickilicky collection will be starting soon as I have now ordered the DX Kid and keychain!

Thanks again everyone,

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