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First YJ gets +quick sales

Through the middle man service that is ^^

My focus were these 3 items.
A metalic Raikou movie kid, a pencil topper, and a really cool shoe badge!

Super happy with the items and the service! A bit pricey for the middle man fee but still fair in my opinion :)

I got thee guys through 3 different auctions which all came with other items (below)

Sales permission granted on 01 DEC 2013 by entirelycliched

- I ship from the U.S.
- I will ship world wide

- Paypal only
- It's first come first serve
- Asking for a quote does not guarantee you an item
- If I don't receive a response for a quote within 24 hours, I will move to the next person who is interested in the item(s)

My feedback:

Feel free to make an offer on these guys. I'm not sure what they are worth and some are pretty beat up.


Solrock - Pokedex figure; no base
Pikachu - This little guy is made of some sort of squishy rubber, kinda cool.
Shroomish - Pokedex figure; no base


Anorith - Pokedex figure; no base
Nosepass - Pokedex figure; no base
Illumise - Pokedex figure; no base
Typhlosion - I know this guy is a zukan piece for sure! Poor fella is pretty beat up though. I tried cleaning him but no go :( This guy will be a freebie if you purchase something else.


Heatran - Zukan; This poor figure is the most beat up. He was super dirty and is still pretty bad. Paint appears to have lost it's shine and his eyes are just sad :(
I'll consider this one a freebie because he is just so beat up. His left armpit has a bit of paint chipping off too. (not pictured)


Metallic Entei movie kid
Entei shoe badge


Metallic Suicune movie kid - this one has some slight yellow marks on it's cloud. I tried to clean them off and only manages to make them lighter. They're not super noticeable though.


Here are what the little figures labels say if anyone is interested. I have no idea what they are, but they are cute XD
EDIT: figured out that they are Pokedex figures ;)

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