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(Mostly) Plastic Sales

Hi everyone

Its been a while that I havent done a weeding sale. The last few have been mostly boxed kids and TCG packs, so it really doesnt count as weeding xD

Anyways, im interested on re-homing some of my figures, specially given the fact that im more of a plush collector than figure


IMPORTANT: If I give you a quote, PLEASE REPLY within 12 hours (if you asked before going to bed, please reply ASAP (up to 24 hours). If you don't reply, I will offer your item to the next interested person in line. I've had WAY too many non-replies, and I end up losing sales because of them =/

1- Payment:

  • I accept Paypal only

  • No Echecks or sending gift please

  • Concealed cash it at your own risk, but you have to pay the postage to me with delivery confirmation

2- Shipping:

  • I ship from Florida worldwide

  • Shipping for the US starts $2.07 as the mail treats anything inside a bubble mailer as package, International starts at                                                       $6.55depending where its going.

  • Shipping cost i not included n item prices

  • Unfortunately I can't do anything once I leave the package at the mail. If it gets lost or damaged, unfortunately youare on your own, as unless you buy insurance or international tracking, the mail washes its hands on broken/lost parcels

  • US buyers who pay with paypal can get free delivery confirmation, as long as paypal keeps it free for me

  • Insurance is encouraged. The mail has grinders, but its not free, sorry :/

  • NO Returns, sorry :/

3- Other

  • Questions, ask them ALL before you buy! Please know if what you are buying is really what you want, as I do not accept returns

  • Haggle, Haggle, Haggle!! I rather drop a few bucks than lose a sale in most cases. If I don't accept, please try again. no luck? please don't be upset, I accept haggling, but I can't give out free stuff ;)

  • This sale is a PKMNCollectors sale that abides by PKMNCollectors rules

  • Sniping in auctions is not cool. Please know that any bid placed on the last 5 minutes of my auctions will extend the auction a whole 5 minutes (and if you are the high bidder you know how it feels to have to wait an extra 5 minutes for an item you thought you would win shortly)

  • Please don't retract/erase a bid! thats mean to the seller and to whoever outbid you (if anyone). Unfortunately biddeleting/retracting will be informed to moderators, and if this is not the first time, you will be banned permanently from my sales and auctions.

  • Once you bid, you know you want your item if you win it, so please don't pass under any circumstances. If you bid, you are committing to pay if you win, if you fail me, then, I'll have to tell a moderator and leave you a negative feedback that I know king N will not appreciate.

  • If you have an absolute emergency, and you can't keep your bid, please contact me BEFORE the closing of the auction, and we can talk about it

  • Pictures are taken with my phone or flip videocam, I beg you please pardon the lousy quality it can result

4- Info        

Sales Permission granted on 7/2/11 by former moderator dakajojo

Feedback 1
Feedback 2

Now the goods

Mega Blaziken Tretta Coin - $5

yanma figure - $2

Any RumbleU figures - $4 each (they will come in capsules, not all may have a paper insert or baggy)

US Mc. Donald's Happy Meal toys (Xerneas is NOT for sale, just to show how some of the toys look like)
2 Blastoise, 1 Fennekin, 1 Axew, 1 groudon and 1 Zekrom

$2.25 each
groudon - $1.25, missing one piece


Charmeleon, totodile and croconaw - $2.50 each

Clear Keldeo  and Terrakion - $4

Couldn't find a fair price for suicune (which is a thinkchip) so - $10 OBO (im ready to hear offers =) )

Entei - $2
Oshawott - Free with $10 purchase, tail is loose
Possable 6" Jakks Zekky - $6


Meowth - $3
Espeon - $4.25
Sylveon - $4.25

Kyun Chara's

Eevee - $12 (has box, however, the box is not mint)
Meowth - $10 (no box, plz observe condition on pics)

I'm taking offers for this little guy, as IDK what's a fair value. I'll run offers for about a week, so until next friday 7-25 around 2100 hours EST (9 pm est)

Starts at $10
Thanks for checking, and plz dont forget to check my shop by clicking here!

Thanks again!! =)
Tags: axew, blastoise, blaziken, bulbasaur, charmeleon, croconaw, deoxys, eevee, eeveelution, eeveelutions, entei, espeon, fennekin, groudon, keldeo, kids, meowth, mew, oshawott, shaymin, suicune, sylveon, terrakion, torchic, totodile, victini, yanma, zekrom, zoroark
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