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Newbie here! Hello everyone ^_^

Hello everyone! Finally got the courage to join this awesome community, yes I'm a little bit shy and I didn't write in english since high school XD
My name is Patrick, I'm 25 Years old and I live in the north east of Italy.
I'm a geeky guy, gaymer, Pokemon fanatic and a Toyphotographer. Someone may know me as @snortypatrick on instagram, on my toyphotography account. These are some examples:

My picsCollapse )

I started to collect Pokemon stuffs (especially figures and trading cards) 2 years ago only, after losing all my Pokemon goods in a move...sad story... But now I'm here again with my priceless collection and I'm so proud of it! I know that my collection isn't too big but it's just only the beginning!
Also recently I discovered the love for the Johto legendary beasts, and I decided to collect some of their figures and stuffs because they are soo breathtaking!

Before starting to bore you it should be better to show some pics of my collection.

My figure collectionCollapse )

And these are my Legendary BesatsRaikou - Entei - SuicuneCollapse )

And here is my TCG collection, I have all the cards of the first ten sets, from Base Set to Neo Destiny, excluding some shinings

CardsCollapse )

And this is all! I hope we will be a good friends during this "journey" :D
Thanks a lot for adding me and greetings everyone!
Tags: collection, entei, raikou, suicune, tcg, tomy, zukan
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