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First FJ gets + new furniture to show off my collection!

Hello everybody! Some exciting things happened to my collection the past weeks!!

After learning about FromJapan I looked around at Yahoo!Japan Auctions and I found out that it had tons of stuff that I wanted... so I did some (a lot of) research about the way it worked, and one day agui_chan found something that I wanted to get so I thought that was my chance to start using FJ! I ended up buying more than one thing, and I had no problem with anything - I got my package in just two weeks since I won the bids, which is impressive!! And since it wasn't hard to use, expensive or slow, I can definitely tell that I will use it again in the future.

This is what I saw when I opened my package:

2014-07-09 14.01.262014-07-09 14.04.45

Are these three pink-snouted, curly-tailed adorable Pokémon?!

2014-07-09 14.29.48IMG_4960

So! I bought a MIP clear Kid small lot that had a clear Grumpig in it, which I didn't even know that existed - this means that now I've got all of the official Grumpig figures! I'm so glad I got it, the clear parts look so cool <3
The other Grumpig is a MIP Kid that came with its sticker, since the one I bought from eBay not long ago had paint rubs... It also costed three times more than FJ's one ╥ ╥ I'm never buying there again without visiting Y!J before...
And finally, I got a Swoobat My Pokémon Collection plush! These might not be too big or detailed, but they're so soft and cute <3  I wish he had a bigger plush though!

As for the other news, an Ikea shop opened recently around my city so a friend and I went to check it out and I ended up getting a net tube and two shelves to put my stuff on, meaning my figures will no longer have to be piled in a drawer getting paint rubs from each other!! ;;

2014-07-07 13.30.04

(I also got a new lamp and a new chair. The lamp is a curled pink tube and the chair is purple. What do you mean these remind you of a certain Pokémon.)

Setting these up took about an hour but what took me the most was to put everything on them... I spent the whole morning/afternoon working on that and by the time the sun set down I was exhausted, and I got bruises the day after ´^` However, I'm pleased with how everything looks when displayed, so let me show you some pictures:

First of all, this is my tall shelf!


Piggies! In the left side I've got a magnet and the sticker/card that came with the normal Kid. There's some free space for the TCG I still don't have.


My favourites! Lucario and Blaziken at the left, and the rest at the right.


This is where I'm going to place all my Groudons and Kyogres - I want to get the Groudon TFG figure and a strap so that they're even :P My angry Rayquaza is at the top of them.


Zukans and pencil topper figures. I'm looking for the Feraligatr one to complete my Johto starters :>


I'm not a huge Eeveelution fan, but ever since I noticed that I had four Eeveelution Kids, I decided that I would like to get the other four! So this space is reserved for an Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon.

This is my other shelf:


That's where I've placed all of my manga, games, Kid figures, candy figures and some miscellaneous stuff such as a couple of TOMYs. They look like an army ready to attack its enemy :P

And finally, the net tube, where I put all of my PokéDoll-sized plushies:


King the Skymin is watching my room from over the new shelf since my bed is no longer plush territory.

I also got some more stuff from agui_chan this morning~
2014-07-18 13.54.39

Four Kid figures (including the green Deoxys Kid that I've wanted for a while!!) and two suction cups - Groudon and Kyogre! Now I'm looking for a Rayquaza, which is in my wants list together with other stuff I want :D

That is all, thank you for reading! See you~
Bye bye Grumpig
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