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Crystal Clear GA final payment and offers reminder

Hello community! I have received a lot of packages these days *^* Some super wonderful from the community so I'm preparing a cool collection update with a lot of new blue lions, doggies, foxes, frogs and more!

The Crystal Clear GA is here so it's time for the final payment with the international shipping and the shipping of me to you! All the info is under the cut and you can see photos of them ^^ If someone wants to combine anything with my sales post, let me know.

  • You can check the spreadsheet HERE

  • Payment must be done via Paypal to the address caeolos [at] gmail [dot] com Please, put your usename and what you bought in the message box.

  • Once you have paid, reply on thist post saying that you have paid.

  • The original GA HERE

  • The lot on yahoo!auctions HERE

  • If you want feedback, let me know :) If you please, you can leave me fb too HERE


haepbrosonearth Wigglytuff is fine

jaydee93 They are fine, but Combusken has some paint removed on the feet and Noctown on the beak. Also, I have received the lot with Hitmonchan, Breeloom and Ralts, in case you want one of them, ask me.

thedaftlynx Porygon is fine, Blaziken has some paint removed on the hand and "hair"
pkmnexcavation Munchlax is fine

schenzi Walrein is fine

Also, i've received clear Hitmonchan, Ralts and Breloom (maybe I keep Breloom, I guess it would depend of the offer, sorry ^^') and I've to receive other clear kids. Just in case you are interested in these clear kids and you want to wait and combine shipping or make an offer for them.

And a reminder that I'll close the offers soon and there aren't any offer yet on Dittochu and Pikachu reversible and the dragon clearfile. I have reduced the start for them so if someone wants them, let me know :) You can click on the photos or HERE to see the post. And to make it less boring, I just want to show you a fast drawing I made the other day with watercolours (ecks, my scaner really sucks :____)


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