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Super Gets Post, Holy Grail, and Sales Plug!

Heyyyyyyyy everyone! :D How is everybody doing today? I hope everybody's collections are going well and that you all have found some really great stuff. Today I bring you a very large "Gets Post" which includes my latest Noppin gets, A HOLY GRAIL, and a Sales Plug to my Flats sales! So lets get started, click the cut below to see everything: SUPER IMAGE HEAVY! BEWARE!

Alright so to start things off lets begin with some awesome custom gets:
First off are these adorable custom buttons/pins by ktmonkeyj! The artwork is incredible and I did not want to miss the chance to get some of my absolute favorite Pokemon as buttons. I wear these on my shirts sometimes when they match my outfits. :)

These gorgeous babies were made by anaildapinto! These are foam keychains modeled after my Vileplume named Toxin and my Jynx named Duchess. These are everything I could have wanted and they are one of a few customs I have gotten that were specifically modeled after them.
This is an absolutely beautiful custom needle-felt Jynx done by caffwin! She is so increidibly detailed, she even did shading on the dress! I wish I was more able to see the shading, but alas I am colorblind. XD One of my favorite things about this plush is her innocent "cutesy" expression and the fact that she has four fingers like the sprites from Red, Green, and Blue. Very cute! <3

Speaking of caffwin, she helped me get these awesome Jynx playing cards! These cards are modeled after Pocket Monsters PiPiPi ★ Adventures (or Magical Pokemon Journey) where Jynx was a fortune teller. These really appealed to me because of the completely original artwork feature on the cards but also because I used to read the manga when I was a kid. Admittedly my favorite character from the book wasn't Jynx, (tbh I never had one of the books with her in it), it was Clefairy because she was a complete ding-bat! XD
This guy technically isn't mine, it's my boyfriend's Birthday present. I don't see JAKKS Haunter figures very often and my bf has wanted one for a really long time so when I stumbled upon him on Ebay I was bound and determined to win him. He's really cool because he has clear pegs to attach him hands to his body.

Now it's Noppin gets time:
First of all we have some Ice Type MPC plush & the Ditto MPC from the Normal Type set. The Swinub is for my bf, but the rest are mine. I am very happy with the way that the Froslass plush came out because they made her helmet really well. Aurorus is also exceptionally well made with all of the little diamonds and details all over her. That is one of my favorite things about the MPC plush, the highly detailed plush designs of MOST plush... Gardevoir I'm lookin at you.-_-
Psychic Type Reflector Keychains! I don't see these guys for sale very often, but I had to have these guys for my collection especially Mr. Mime. The Psychic Type promotion reallllly broke my wallet! XD These keychains are much larger than the rubber ones that were previously released, atleast twice the size!
Milotic Clear File! Not much to say here, she was really an impulse buy because I have a pretty big soft spot for Milotic. Really nice design though, there are little Feebas and Milotic silhouettes pictured as a pattern all over the folder. (Ignore the words and cat face, its just the packaging it came in.)
Menko tabs! I needed that Smoochum and Vileplume because I've never seen those before. XD The other ones are Pokemon that I side collect.
Assorted stickers! There are some AR stickers, some puzzle stickers, and some other random stickers.
Super rare Amada stickers and Meiji stickers! The Amada stickers were an absolute treat because I bought unopened packs of them and got over 100 Gold and Clear ones, and some super rare lazer and sparkly ones! Everytime I opened a pack my heart sped up, especially when that Gold Jynx Amada popped out! (This is my second one of these beauties.) The smaller square stickers are Meiji stickers and are pretty hard to come across, I bought a huge mystery lot with a big pile of them hoping to get something good. AND LOOK! Pretty babies! <3
Mini Pogs! I absolutely love the Parasect pose! These guys are so teeny-tiny about the size of an American dime. The ones on the left are Pokemon that I collect and the ones on the right are ones that my bf collects.

This is a tiny "Who's that Pokemon?" styled book for little kids. I bought it because the cover had Jynx, Vileplume, and Mimey on it, so I was really hoping that they would have some pages with them. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!
IT'S JYNX! :D One of my favorite parts about the book, its that some of the artwork I have never seen before! Like Jynx's back. The book has all 151 Pokemon in it so if you want a scan of your favortie go ahead and ask and I'll take a pic for ya! :)
New Clear Kids! There was one seller who was selling huge lots of practically every Pokemon's clear variant! I gladly took the opportunity to get some of the guys I have been looking for like Parasect and Milotic! The Blastoise and Diglett are for my BF, he doesn't necessarily collect Diglett but he has a huge weakness for cute "nubby" looking Pokemon like Swinub and Ditto.
Banpresto attack postcards! Look at that beautiful artwork! The Jynx using BubbleBeam is my absolute favorite! Jynx could actually learn BubbleBeam via TM in the original games which made for an incredible counterattack against Fire types! I got a ton of postcards from this set with some really rad artwork that I will auction for you all later.
The one on the right is a CLEAR JYNX KID! When I saw her up for auction I freakin' lost my mind! I bid as much as I could to make sure I got her because this lovely girl was not going to slip away from me easily! In the end there was a total of 40 bids in the Auction! Needless to say I won her and she is happily united with her regular Kids counterpart.
I've seen people show off there clear Kids on their DS so I attempted to as well. All of the red on her is Clear but it doesn't show up too well. :T (Behind her is the stats of Duchess in my Y version.)
This is a picture of everything that I kept from my Noppin box, I only kept about one fifth of what actually came in the box so I have a TON of stuff to start selling!
As an added picture here are all of my Jynx plushie customs. :D Look at this lovely divas! <3

So here is a link to my flat's sales post:
Scan 102
It's all old stuff but I really wanna try and get a lot of this stuff out before I update my sales with all the new stuff I have for sale. Please help me get this stuff out of my house! XD

Alright everyone, that you SO much for reading my post, I hope you all enjoyed looking at everything! In about a month I will have a massive sales post up with Flats, Figures, Plush, and everything else you could possibly think of! :D I hope everyone has a great day!
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