mintykoneko (mintykoneko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Handmade mew plush

Heya peoples o w o~
I know I'm not as amazing as some of the members here at plush making, but I made my own mew plush XD I got lazy and stuck a lot of the stuff on though XD;; (the eyes, arms, feet and tail are glued but the ears are sewn on) I also painted the mouth and the lines on the paws :3

Sorry about the bad picture quality ^^;
It can't stand up by itself because the feet and tail are just strips of cut out fabric .__.; It needs to lean agains something.
Showing the little pink paw pads n__n
Butt veiw :D Showing where the tail is stuck

And there you have it XD I've still got a lot to learn in the ways of making plush~
Oh and I've received quite a few packages since i last did a collection update, so that's another thing I need to do ;D
Tags: custom, mew, plush
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