caddieneko (caddieneko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder for my Fluff and Stuff auction and pickups


This is the first and only reminder post for my Fluff and Stuff auctions ending Monday. Flareon is still very low and the machine adverts don't even have bids yet, either!


If I had you down for a slot for the drink figures I picked up your figures already and they are shipped. I still have a couple slots open and an extra Klefki on hand. The drink figures are 5.50$ and include shipping. I'm actually really impressed with the detail on the drink figures! (I was packing on the train, so sorry about the blue background, lol).

Trozei Can Badges are 4$ each. I opened my can badges today and I did not get a Sylveon ;w;

All this can be found here.

(I'm also looking for an older post! I agreed to do a trade with another comm member for a flareon jakks for my laying leafeon, but I can't find the original post any more and searching my inbox is bringing up nothing. If someone remembers this post, or this is you! Could you please drop me a PM or a comment so I can find our original post? I was unpacking and I found Leafeon and I have pictures and we still need to exchange addresses ;___;)
Tags: auction, chespin, eevee, sales, sylveon
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