SoftMonKeychains (anaildapinto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The double team keychains

Production of the handmade keychains was been steady and I can't thank you enough for them! I'm a few days to make a new sales post here with a promotion this time, but meanwhile I would like to show the examples of the newest kind of keychain I have available for custom orders: the double team variation!
I swear, they are just so fun to make! Well I love to make all orders, but since this one is the most challenging, I just can't help it but love crafting those most!!!
Anyway, I still have quite a few orders left, between others double team like sceptile/treecko, plusle/minun, weezing/vulpix, fennekin/mega sableye and of course regular and sturdy keychains so it's gonna take a few more days to cover those before I can present the next sales post. But I'm always here to hear your opinions or questions ;)

See ya!
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