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(sales) auctioning off a whole bunch of stuff on eBay! lots of rare stuff!

so, ebay wouldn't let me post more than 12 pictures on my phone.
anyways, I'm finally selling all of the stuff I've acquired the past few months while I've been trying to get my grails!  I've been successful, however, that leaves ME with tons of stuff I don't need.   I'm hoping it can be GA'd here.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PICTURES AREN'T THE ONLY ITEMS IN THE AUCTION!  THERE ARE TONS MORE ITEMS. ;)
edit:  I lowered the reserve price!

I received sales permission from entirelycliched in January of this year.
feedback can be found here

so about that huge lot of plushies that likely looks familiar..
I didn't realize (until after I won it) that I was competing against somebody in this community (and other members) for it.  I checked the community after a few days, and I realized it was being GA'd.   I still feel really bad about this, so I apologize to you guys if there was items you really wanted in it.  That Absol has been a grail of mine for years, and I was finally able to win it.  Hopefully you guys are able to find what your grails, too, and hopefully you can acquire what you want from this lot here.   :)  Once again, I feel really bad about this.. If I knew it was being GA'd, I would have backed off. :(  I was wondering why there was so much competition.  o__0

I would like to get at least 900 for this.  Ideally, the BIN price. (all of this stuff cost me a fortune, ughhh.)  However, I am willing to accept anything reasonable if this lot is GA'd.  I kind of want to get rid of all of it, and that's why I'm not putting it up in my sales post.  I'm moving out soon, and I'm trying to get as much money as I can to help pay for new furniture and stuff.

a few things:
The Lati@s zukan has broken pegs.   It was received like this.
The box of kids is NIP, never opened.
In the second picture, there are three of the same towels.
The Pikachu iPhone case isn't official.  It's for the iPhone 4/4s.
Some of the figurines are missing parts.  They were received like this.
If you have any questions or need more pictures/have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  :)  I know the pictures are small here and bigger ones will likely be needed in order to label all of the items.  I can email you the pictures directly from my phone so I can get actual sized photos.  Once again, I apologize for this.  iPhones are dumb sometimes, ughh.

here are pictures that weren't included in the ebay lot because STUPID RESTRICTIONS BAW
here's a link to the lot:



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