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A wild mandameah appears!

Hi there!

After lurking around here for months I finally decided to join pkmncollectors to find some guys I can share my passion of collecting plushies with. So here I am!
My name is Amanda and I'm from Germany. I started collecting pokemon plushies in 2012 when my boyfriend gave me the My Pokemon Collection Swoobat. From that day on, my collection grew to an amount of about 90 cuties and every single one has it's own character (yeah, call me crazy, but they even got names :D). I'm sorry I've got no pictures with all of them now, but I'll show you my little friends soon when the package I ordered with raz0ra arrives! <3
Speaking of her I remember she mentioned the Video Game Championships in Germany this year. So I think, I can talk about that, too. The VGC this year was my first one in the master division and well, some of you may know it's where the best of the best are competing against each other. As a senior I never had that great results, mostly because of anti-luck and inability to think, haha. So I didn't want to participate this year to prevent things like embarrassing bad results - until I found Roserade, a niche in the metagame I thought it would be fun to play! :D So my team this year was: Roserade, Aegislash, Rotom Heat, Garchomp, Azumarill and Mega Manectric. I didn't even wanted to train with this team, I made it the evening before the event started and went really well with it. My end result was 6 wins and 2 losses after starting 4-0 and I'm pretty proud of it, haha. I landed on #15 out of about 340 in my division and nearly missed the topcut, sigh.

That's enough of self-emphasizing :D I wanted to tell you about my little wants, before I come to an end. So here they are:
My abolutely holy grail is the Slowpoke pokedoll from 2012 (I guess it's 2012?). I'm sad I missed a good chance some days ago to grab it, huh. If someone has one to sell without bidding I'd be so glad. But at the moment I'm low on money, so it must wait either way.
I'm also searching for swoobat items. I love the little bat so much, but I just got the mentioned chain plushie and the charm. I don't take cards, but everything else - especially custom made goods would be great.
Another little want is the Whimsicott keychain with the substitute from... 2013? Well, every substitute item is welcome, also the MPC Whimsicott for a good price.

Well, I think that's enough for now. If you have any question don't hesistate to ask!
Oh, and I'm really sorry if there are problems to understand me... It's just school-English :/
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