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Derby J.

New Cheap Stuff + Clearance Sale! Buy one, get everything else half off!

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

New Cheap Stuff + Clearance Sale! Buy one, get everything else half off!
-Free Magnets w/ Purchase! (In the Clearance Link below)
-PLUSHIES ARE AROUND $3 (I forgot to mark them down when I started the sale!)

I REALLY have too much random merch and I'd like to lighten up. So everything is going super cheap! I think I'm going to start collecting Charlie Chaplin reels and some of his other merch! Feel free to haggle!
I want this stuff gone!

#1. Ill ship around once a week.

#2. No international shipping.

#3. I ship from Florida!

#4. PayPal only!

#5. Will haggle!

#6. May trade for: Abra line, Wobbuffet, Inkay line, Subway Bros, and Tentacool line

 photo IMG_03511.jpg
TOMY Figure - $1 -
Magnets - Free with Purchase (or $.25) -

Ruler(broken)- Free with Purchase
Tissue - $.50
Spinner thing - $.75 (packaged but opened)

 photo IMG_03521.jpg
Plush - $3
Keychain - $3.50
Magnets - Free with Purchase (or $.25)

 photo IMG_03551.jpg
Fight Tournament (no case) - $2
Others - $3

 photo c4596bab-64f3-4014-80e3-ae8266bdac6b.jpg
Kids - $1
Toys - $.50
Flats - Free with Purchase (or $.25)
Bulbasaur Pouch - $.50
Buy one item in this link and get every other item half off. This is just for that sale link.
The most expensive item will be considered full price and all lower priced items will be half off.

Also, anyone have any idea to purchase mini shelves or something to properly display figures and such?
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