Dr Ishida (dragonrider49) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dr Ishida

What time is it??

Hi guys Just a quick update from me. Last week i got the new PT dragonite plush from Gin. As far as Pokemon time goes the only dragons that got PT merchindise was Latias, Latios, Flygon Rayquaza in 2013 and Dragonair in 2012.

Lets start with the first dragon that was part of a PT campaign. ( That I know off)

Dragonair.The unloved middle child of the dratini line. ( well in terms of merch that is! How can you not love this feathered serpent?)

Dragonair Pokemon time plush from 2012. Dragonair's first official PC plush. ( Poor Dragonair only has 3 plush. The BK one, the bell plush and this one) Also featured is the strap as well. I do have that year's bookmarks as well. I do still need the tin from that year as well.

In 2013 PT went to Hoenn to get the eon duo and Rayquaza... oh and Flygon. Now I didn't get any of those items because I try and be stingy with legendary dragons as they get a lot of merch

Shame old flygon didn't get any plush. A strap and a clearfile is good enough for me now. I still need the bookmarks but I was never fast enough.

Now on to this year. Dragonite got a plush, a tin and a decal. ( I ordered the strap this week as well) I hope I can get the tin soon. Anyway on to the new dragonite merch.


From the side he looks cute! From the front he looks kinda like a hippo! He is still beautiful none the less. Look at the artwork on the decal! So. Damn. Gorgeous.I have actually nicknamed my dragonite plush Moomin.
This is a moomin. Does anyone remember them? That is all for now! Thanks everyone!

Come on PC can you give us a PT dratini to complete the evo line? Yes?

That is all for now! Thanks everyone!
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