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Looking for stuff !

Hello everyone !

I was away for quite a lot of time, lately. I had an exam ( It's called " Brevet des collèges " and is in France only. You have to pass it in order to go to " Lycée " . ) in the end of june and had to go to a summer camp a week after. I couldn't find any time to show you all the stuff I got in Paris, and since I'm at my grandmother's place... I still can't. I won't be home until september, but since my father allowed me to order stuff from there, I'll do a big collection update !

Anyway, since we're moving to another home, I'll get a brand new room. It's tiny, but I really like it, and I decided that my collection will be a big part, if not all the decoration of my room. I got a bit of pocket money for doing well in my exam and I'm not looking to seriously expand my Sylveon collection.

The main things I'm looking for are :

- Sylveon Poke Pan wrapper
- Sylveon Apple Juice can
- Sitting Sylveon kid figure
- Any kind of candy featuring Sylveon or Eevee.

Could you tell me where I could get them for not too much, please ? I'm still not allowed to buy on the community...

Also, is buying stuff on Noppin easy ? It looks great ! Thank you !

( EDIT : Damn, my brain hates me. I was reading stuff on a website called Starmen.net. It was a topic about inspiration from writers, and they personified inspiration into " your muse ". My best friend wrote about how his muse was a like a little animal, and how he would cuddle it. And the guy posting above had an Eevee on his avatar. AND NOW, ALL I WANT IS AN EEVEE PLUSH TO CUDDLE TOO ! )
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