urahameshi (urahameshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Huge Updated Sales Post and Gets!

Hey everyone, I made a super update in my sales post. I added more items including Pikachu Ears/tail, stickers and charms. Check them out! :)

Market Lol

As for the gets, I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite gets from these past 2 weeks.
Gyarados Binder! Guess what cards are inside this one? Yup, my Gyarados cards and/or water Pokemon :) I was super happy I found it and bought it, always wanted it.

I got these two Ex's in a Frogadier tin :D I bought the tin in a local card shop which I didn't know that existed. Latios EX is the first EX I got from a pack.

DSC_0029 DSC_0030
These two were bought as singles from the same shop in the same day, got them for cheap ^_^

I also got a lot more cards from trades but I will upload them as a Collection Update since they're a lot :) Thanks for reading!
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