Ginger Bean (fox7xd) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ginger Bean

Unown need a Home!


Went to Metrocon here in Florida last weekend, got some cute stuff, also wore a quick but cute cosplay. A pokemon paleontologist! Archen and Unown included. But now that the con is over, these little Unown need homes <3 See under the cut for pics and details, and other goodies.

so first the details and rules ~

- received permission to sell on Wednesday, October 4 from rachelled
- my feedback ~
- I only accept paypal
- I ship from Florida, and yes I ship internationally
- sales are a first come first serve basis

Unown plush (A,T,F,X)

- hand stitched and made of fleece
- are roughly 6 inches tall (the eyeball is 3 inches for all of them)
- Each Unown is $15 (including shipping/paypal fees) or buy all 4 for $40 (same, includes shipping/paypal fees)

unown plush FULLDA

Thanks for looking! <3 and for other pokemon goods for sale, I made a permanent sales post here ->

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