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HUGE Pichu update

Sorry for not posting in forever, but first exams have been murder to study for x_x Anyways, I got a lot of packages from people in the community and a huge collection update (of the stuff at Uni) to boot :D I also want to let norkia and starsofsunshine know that I will be going home on October 17th, so the following week I'll be able to send out the stuff I owe both of you. Sorry for the wait and confusion >< I forgot so much stuff when packing for Uni >< also, a sales post will be in order when I come back from there :3 anyways, I have a plushie update, too :o so click the cut to go to the goodness :3

Frst off, plooshies!

Mawile: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Mawile-Plushie-97440199
Horrible pic quality and looks much better irl, but this is my ridiculously chibi style. This might be for sale if anyone is interested :3 it's made from furr and microfiber :3

Shiny Ninetails: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com/art/Shiny-Ninetails-Plushie-Com-84220985
I did this one awhile ago, but the commissioner has yet to pay or even contact me much on this one, so if she's no longer interested, this one will be for sale, too. Those TAILS they were the death of me x_x

007.jpg picture by Twilmer
Yay! Clear kid and little Pichu freebie <3

028.jpg picture by Twilmer
I also got the normal version from rikkatink :D they make a cute pair.

030.jpg picture by Twilmer
This is also from Rikkatink <3 Pichu keychain <3

bellkeychain.jpg picture by Twilmer
Norkia's pack arrived :D the Pichu bell keychain <3 and Pichu freebie card ;; I didn't have that one, thanks!!!

006.jpg picture by Twilmer
A grail for me was the Pichu and Pikachu pokedolls. I've been wanting those two! Luckily I found an auction for both of them together and snagged it <3 they're so cute.

cheeklite.jpg picture by Twilmer
TALKING PICHU PLUSHIE!!!! This pic shows with its cheeks lit up :D it's SO CUTE! Huggable and very big, life size almost <3 I love this plushie so much and it was a pleasant surprise when I checked the post <3 it says its name and wiggles its ears and it's mouth moves as well as the cheeks light up. So huggable <3

027.jpg picture by Twilmer
I got this little guy from Chatsy <3 he's cute! I have him standing on poster putty so I dunknock him over.

My entire Pichu collection:
ohgodthechus.jpg picture by Twilmer
ohgodthechusmoar.jpg picture by Twilmer
And now for some misc stuff

I relocated my Ho-oh collection
016.jpg picture by Twilmer
the keychain is with Asm on a stray nail on my wall
018.jpg picture by Twilmer

moar stuff:

020.jpg picture by Twilmer
Dusty shelf is DUSTEH! Croagunk and Toxicroak zukan from Chatsy <3

021.jpg picture by Twilmer
I'd always wanted one of these Pokemon center bags and tanks to Chatsy, I has one <3 <3 <3

024.jpg picture by Twilmer
Cutest Leafeon card EVER!!!

032.jpg picture by Twilmer
Piplup cell phone strap <3 (that's banana DNA in the vial, btw)

and that's all for updates <3 soon I'll post my halloween contest entry >:3
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