Macy (purplewailord) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update!

Long time no see. Took a hiatus from collecting but now I'm back! :D

Gets! Wobbuffets were from firebomb. Cards were from pokemontrader

Most of my collection

Rest of it :D They are all bootlegs except for the chespin and fennekin plushies at the bottom.

Wobbuffet collection. The pokemon time bookmarks were made by agui_chan. Definitely recommend!

A heart collage made from pokemon cards. A lot of sticky tape was used xD

Custom plushies made by me. Messed up sylveon so she looks really derpy :(. Working on typlosion and houndoom. I might do commissions in the future once I gain enough confidence :)

Not really related to collecting but I finally got a 3ds XL and pokemon Y! The monster hunter pattern looks awesome in person. The photo hardly does it any justice. Add me if you want FC: 3797-8054-8695

And now for some wants! May consider trades. Click here for my entire collection Granted sales permission by allinia on 10/6/14

Staraptor UFO (either sizes), yveltal pokedoll, fletching pokedoll
Can only afford one of them unfortunately :(. Shipping is to Nsw Australia.

Thanks for reading/looking!
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