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I'm feeling proud of my lopunny collection so I wanted to show it it got a few updates. Kinda image heavy I guess.

After the whole discussion about Glacidea my custom Lopunny [that wasn't shiny nor did it have the soothe bell] arrived 2 days later. Even though she wasn't what I wanted, she still looks cute in my collection. The picture behind them was drawn by my little sister for my collection.

The Buneary/Lopunny charms are super cute. I've been thinking about getting another pair and making them into earrings...I don't have my ears pierced though. I recently bought the bunny butt pin from a community member. I bought two of them, one for me and one for my boyfriend. He's going to love it.
I got the shiny Lopunny card a while back. I saw it in a pack and bought the whole thing just for that card...I don't remember where I got the other one though.

I finally...FINALLY found the clear Lopunny kid figure. I was on google and looked up ''Clear Lopunny kid'' and was looking at them in sadness when I saw one was posted 4 days ago [at the time this happened]. I clicked it and turns out it was for sale paired with a regular lopunny kid. I bought them, even though I already owned the regular one. I wasn't going to pass this up. The second regular Lopunny kid is going to my boyfriend. When I got the package with the lopunnys [which was today] I found an extra figure in there. They sent me a free Buneary kid...not only was one that I had been looking for! YAY!

Just look at these cuties. So small! My boyfriend got me the bottom one because he knew how much I liked Buneary. Both pictures drawn by me.

These stickers look wonderful along the side. Hopefully I can find more. Picture drawn by me...If enough people are interested in them I'll open black and white commissions [I don't have any more coloured pencils or sister left them at her old school].

My first group action win. The whole thing is too stressful for me, I'll just stick to regular sales unless a grail comes up.

Here's the best picture I could get of the collection as a whole,without dying that is...I'm really proud of my collection and hope to see it grow more...without making me go bankrupt that is. x3

If you have any lopunny/buneary merch for sale you should totally let me know. ;3

Also...I NEED NEED NEEEEEEEEEEEED this lopunny chou get figure. If you're selling or thinking about selling one...or even see one around the internet please let me know,

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