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Post con gets and craziness

Hey guys! Sorry I've been less active, I'm not dead! But I did go to a convention and it was mega fun. I have lots of gets to share from the con and other things and I'm gonna share why I was so busy before the con too :) <3 Come see!

 photo metro2014172_zpsa9cd8bb4.jpg

Con swag! I'm a vendors room rat, sorry it's not all poekmon stuff but there were so many great things this year in the vendors room :D

 photo metro2014173_zpsc1f27bb3.jpg

 photo metro2014174_zps055980b0.jpg

 photo metro2014175_zps1ff2241c.jpg

Some close ups of pins and the tiny sylveon things I could find! I love getting custom art from the artists alley :) Although I was suprised there weren't more sylveon things this year!

 photo metro2014179_zpsff1801c7.jpg

 photo metro2014180_zpsb91993d0.jpg

 photo metro2014181_zpseb807f6d.jpg

Better shots of some of my favorite prints! The art is so gorgeous I'm dying here! And there was a really really amazing perler artist there too! I hope to see them again next year, I requested shiny sylveon perlers ;D

 photo metro2014183_zpsac6ed035.jpg

Non con gets! A lot of these were from my girlfriend for my birthday :) she's too good to me!

 photo metro2014184_zpsa663ab22.jpg

ARGH THIS KEYCHAIN so cute I'm dying :D <3333 I love the kitties too, but I of course got it for the cute little fairy fox >u<

 photo metro2014001_zps9b201aaf.jpg

More wonderful artwork from Ktjmonkey :) I love all of her art you should check out her store on storeenvy for sure!

 photo metro2014002_zps38bbface.jpg

I also got myself some sylveon pokedolls! This is Madoka and Sakura <333 My little magical girls :D I wish I could afford a hord of them xD But I'm happy with my two cuties :)

 photo metro2014186_zpse4bfc30f.jpg

MY con plushie gets! The sylveon is a bootleg, but I couldn't resist him he's so cute and big! :) His name is quincy. And I couldn't believe when I saw the I <3 Raichu and I <3 eevee plushies!At the con! And for such good prices!! <3333 I've wanted them for a long time but I couldn't afford them with all my sylveon collecting, so it's a happy day for me, they're SO gorgeous <3

And of course the reason I've been dead the past weeks

I cosplayed as a sylveon two days of the con!! But of course I procrastinatedo n my cosplay so I was really rushed right up until we left. I hope it's okay that I post these since they aren't really colleciton related. Let me know! But Yeah, I'm proud!

Anyway thanks for checkign it out! :) Have a lovely weekend all you lovely people~

Also I have a TON of trozei stickers all for a dollar! :)
So check out my sales, and I have a bunch of other nice cheap things for sale too <3

Note! I will be gone for the rest of the night but I will reply to all sales inquiries tommorow ASAP <3
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