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New Gets + Plush Sales :)

Hello Community!
in the last days I received some items from the Community & Y!J hehe

now my gets...
but first time I have a new...

I really use my new sandwich maker :D
here one picture from them :3

ok ok
have a new notice more....
My pikachu now have a little brother! :D
I don't have Idea what name put him hehe
one sunday on the morning...
one package arrived

My Pikachu dont wait
and enter in the bag!

he catch one blue or green feet?

Oh yeah is the Ichiban Kuji Squirtle (I now another one xD)

on the last week (Thursday...)
one very very huge box arrived!
ow I'm very excited!!
never in my life I received one huge box....!

pikachu brothers opened
and see so many bubbles...

after than so many bubbles
I can see bags, plushies, boxes, etc... oh and more bubbles xD

ok here one picture of the things that I received this night :)

* My sales permission was granted on the 12/10/2013 by </span>entirelycliched</span>
* My Feedback: </span></span>
(please leave me a feedback when your items arrives)


* All PKMNcollectors Rules Apply.
* I ship from Mexico to Worlwide (May'be the shipping cost are expensive)
* I only accept Paypal payment.
* All price are in USD (include Shipping & Fees)
* I ship Monday-Saturday (except festive days)
* Holds in 24hours after that you comment, if not response pass to the next person, please if you need more time let me know only if you're 100% commited to buy.
* I don't sell to banned members from pkmncollectors.
* I live in a free-smoke home.
* I have dogs but the items not in contact with them.
* Haggling are welcome, but please don't be offended if I turn down your offer.
* I’m not responsible for lost packages in the mail or damaged packages after that send you, If need for $2.55 more I can including the tracking number :).
* Pikachu Tomy is for size reference (not for sale)
* Have FUN :D

Banpresto "I Love Eievui" Eevee Plush Cushion MWT - $37 shipped
BBanpresto Raichu HQ "I Love Pikachu" MWT - $55 shipped

This mini - plushies are from the "Pokedoll House"
$12 shipped each

Minccino Banpresto Halloween Promo MWT - $17 shipped
Whimsicott MPC MWT - $30 shipped
Froakie Banpresto UFO MWT - $17 shipped

Kyun Chara Ash/Satoshi & Pikachu: $50 shipped

Thanks for take your time in visit my Entry!!

Nice day everyone!!!
Tags: gets, pikachu, sales
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