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New Tomy Figures Found in US! (And small collection update)

I went shopping yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find new mega evolution Tomy figures at Toys R Us and a small local toy store! I didn't realize these were already appearing on the shelves! I'm trying to get all of the Kalos region Tomys, so I bought one each of Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, Mega Blastoise, and Mega Venasaur.

Mega Evolution Tomy Figures

These are the Kalos Tomy figures I have so far…they're all international releases except for Serena and her Fennekin. (And, yes, those are empty candy boxes repurposed as risers. I like how Pocky boxes have so many different designs, and the wooden box in the middle used to contain chocolate. XD )

Aug. 2014 Tomy Collection

Also, a mysterious individual came to look through some of my non-Kalos-region Tomys. He said something about wanting a Groudon, but, unfortunately for him, I have absolutely no Groudon in my collection. Hmmm…I wonder who this guy is? Those symbols on this coat lapels…have I seen that somewhere before? ;)

Maxie with Tomy Figures

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